After becoming part of Oakview’s investment family, you will be offered broad and extensive investment services. We believe that wealth grows not by the money you are earning, but by the money you are saving. That’s why each of our clients portfolios will begin with discovering the best investments at the lowest costs, all while ensuring we are investing as tax efficiently as possible. 

Our philosophy

We believe that wealth is not created by timing the market, but by time IN the market. Your portfolio will center around hand-picked investments that we believe will deliver the best outcome over the long-term.

  • Investment recommendations are based on a client's total portfolio and not just the accounts we manage. 
  • Every investment isn't for every person. If there is something that you are passionate about, let us know! If there is something you don't want included, tell us! We will never pressure you into something that doesn't feel right to you. 



Assets Under Management          Annual Fee

  • $0-$500,000                             1.25%
  • The next $500,000                    1.00%
  • The next $1,000,000                  0.85%
  • The next $1,000,000                  0.75%
  • The next $1,000,000                  0.65%
  • Amounts over $4,000,000          0.50%

Fees are billed in advance quarterly and based on the balance of the account from the previous quarter.