At Oakview, we understand that different people have different needs, which is why we offer our expertise in two different ways...and you get to decide which way works best for you. Each client will receive an initial plan once partnering with us. After that, you can decide whether you would prefer ongoing planning throughout the year, so that our eyes are continuously watching out for you, or an annual review to have your financial “check-up”.


initial plan

Your initial plan will be where we get to know you...the stage of life you’re in, your questions and concerns, what you hope for in the future and what you hope for in the present. We will sit down and have that important conversation about what keeps you up at night, what your plans are regarding the next 10,15 or 50 years, what happens to your family if you’re no longer here to support them, and what your legacy looks like. We will also go over each detail that our role will play in helping you get to where we all hope to and comfortable.  

Ongoing planning

This option is for our clients that prefer their planning to be ongoing throughout the year. Updates are consistently made to your initial plan and are based on things such as changes in your personal circumstances, investment performance, and tax law changes just to name a few.

Services that are included with our ongoing planning throughout the year:

  • An annual performance review

  • An annual insurance & estate review

  • End of year tax planning meeting

  • Budget & debt review

  • Annual credit score check

  • Capital gains tax-reporting summary

  • Updated college projections

  • Updated retirement projections

  • Employee retirement plan review

  • Employee benefits review

  • Social Security & Medicare review

We also understand that every individual’s needs are going to be different, therefore we are not limited to the above list. 

Annual Review

With an annual review, we will sit down with you once per year to go over your Initial Plan and ensure everything is up to date. We will look at any changes that may have taken place in your personal life as well as any laws that may have changed during the past year. We will also ensure that you're on track to reaching those important financial goals that we are here to take care of. 



Ongoing Planning    $3,700   (initial plan + ongoing planning)

                -Billed in monthly or quarterly installments, includes an initial plan, ongoing planning, and unlimited access to us throughout the year.


                           Hourly    $180   (an initial plan, a review of your initial plan, or all other services) 

 -Estimates are provided before plan begins based on scope of work and billed after plan is delivered