Monday Morning Boost

Two great articles came across my desk this morning. But, for very different reasons. The first goes over a list of to-do’s for anyone who has a kid getting ready to graduate high school. It covers many of the same topics we advise client’s on here at Oakview. And is a must read for parent’s with high school students.

See: A Financial Checklist for Your Newly Minted High School Graduate

The second article, as you can probably gather from the title, has an entirely different vibe. I really enjoyed reading this article because it lists in detail some of the most common scare tactics financial advisors use to sell retirees insurance and annuity products. This should be required reading for anyone before attending a retirement seminar. It also highlights the potential conflicts of interest of working with an advisor who receives a commission from selling products to you.

See: You May Never See Your Grandchildren Again

Have a great week everyone! We’ll be back on Friday.