Week in Review

Being aware of the environment we’re in is helpful. Being honest about the present risks and dangers is rational. Training ourselves to remember that risk is the only reason there is any reward to begin with is critical. And then building portfolios that account for all of the various risks that may arise is logical.
— Josh Brown

Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, made headlines on CNBC last week. By the closing bell on October 2nd, the Dow had dropped close to 2%. This marked the 7th straight quarter of zero progress since the trade war started in January 2018. CNBC Closing Bell anchor Wilfred Frost asked Josh the question, "what's your advice for investors on a day like today?" Josh Brown's response was, "my advice never changes. Diversified portfolios are the key." I loved this response because it mirrors my own beliefs about investing. In 2018 every time you turned on the TV another market commentator was telling you interest rates are going to rise, and it’s a bad time for bonds. Had you listened to them and sold your bonds you would’ve missed out on the +17% increase long-term treasuries have seen since January 2018—a return that’s even beaten the stock market over the same time period. You can watch the full clip below.

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