Oakview Wealth Solutions was created by husband and wife duo Stanton and Sylvia Burns out of a shared passion for helping individuals feel safe when it comes to their money and future, as well as a shared distaste for their experiences at “big” corporate financial institutions.


Tired of seeing unneeded products and services being pushed onto clients, they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a warm, educational, and family focused company to serve those that work hard for their money and should be treated that way. As a family run business, one of their goals is to work with clients in an environment that feels more like home and less sterile, more informative and less intimidating, more like a family and less like a service.


J. Stanton Burns, CFP®
CEO, Wealth Consultant 

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Sylvia McCormick Burns
COO, Relationship Manager


Clemmer & Associates
Owned by Stanton's father, John Burns, Clemmer & Associates provides full-service Tax Planning & Accounting solutions. To learn more about Clemmer & Associates, click here